Project managers: the secret weapon for successful content marketing

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ProfectaBDI | September 29, 2023

LSP project managers are some of the biggest sources of content marketing for language service providers. Their real-life stories and experiences with client projects, their problems and goals, can be used to attract similar clients. Because potential clients will see how you handled the problem and what results your clients experienced.



How to use LSP project managers as content marketing sources

LSP project managers are a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. They are aware of the latest trends in the language services industry and know the challenges and solutions that clients face every day. This makes them an ideal source of content for your marketing efforts.


Here are a few ways you can tap into this valuable resource:


Case studies



Case studies are a great way to showcase your expertise and the value you can provide to your clients. Interview your project managers about successful projects they’ve worked on, then write case studies highlighting the challenges they overcame, the solutions they implemented, and the results they achieved for their clients.


    • For example, you could write a case study about a project manager who helped a client translate their website into multiple languages, resulting in a significant increase in traffic and sales.
    • Or you could write a case study about a project manager who helped a client localize their software for a new market, resulting in a smooth and successful launch.



Blog posts



Encourage your project managers to write blog posts about their experiences, insights, and tips on translation and localization. This way, you can share your knowledge with potential clients and position yourself as a thought leader in the industry.


    • For example, a project manager who specializes in medical translation might write a blog post about the challenges of translating medical documents and how to ensure accuracy and consistency.
    • Or a project manager who specializes in localization could write a blog post about best practices for localizing marketing materials for different cultures.



Ebooks and white papers




For more in-depth content, you can create ebooks and white papers that address common challenges faced by LSP project managers. For example, you could write an ebook on how to manage complex translation projects or a white paper on the latest trends in localization.


This type of content can be a valuable resource for potential clients and help you position yourself as an expert in the field.



Videos and webinars



Videos and webinars are another great way to connect with potential clients and learn more about their needs. Host webinars with your project managers to discuss specific topics related to language translation and localization, or create videos that showcase their success stories.


    • For example, you could host a webinar for potential clients such as startups or pharmaceutical companies, showing them how to choose the right language service provider for their needs,
    • or create a video showing how your project managers use modern translation technologies to streamline their workflows and save financial resources.


By using your project managers as content marketing sources, you can create high-quality, informative content that engages and excites potential clients. This will help you generate leads, increase awareness, and position you as a leader in the language services industry.


Additional tips:


♦ When interviewing your project managers, ask them open-ended questions so they can tell their stories and insights in their own words.


♦ Be sure to carefully edit and proofread your content before publishing.


♦ Promote your content on social media and other online channels to reach a wider audience.


♦ Use analytics to track the performance of your content and see what resonates with your audience.


By following these tips, you can develop a content marketing strategy that leverages the expertise of your project managers and helps you achieve your business goals.




When creating content marketing materials that feature LSP project managers, it is important to focus on the following:






Authenticity is about being true to yourself and your brand. It’s about creating content that accurately reflects your values, beliefs, and personality. And it’s about being honest and genuine when it comes to your marketing and communications.


Clients want to hear real-life stories from real people. Make sure your content is authentic and reflects the genuine experiences of your project managers.






When you provide valuable content, you showcase your expertise and position yourself as a thought leader in the industry. You also build trust and credibility with potential clients. And all potential clients are looking for solutions to their problems. They want to know how to translate and localize their content more efficiently and effectively. They want to work with a language service provider who has the expertise and experience to help them achieve their goals.


Your content should provide value to potential clients. Share insights, tips, and best practices that can help them improve their own language translation and localization processes.






Tailor your content to the specific needs of your target audience. Consider the types of projects your project managers typically work on and the challenges they face.


Tips for creating relevant content featuring LSP project managers:


    • Choose the right topics. What are the most common challenges your target audience faces? What do they most want to learn about? Once you know what your target audience is interested in, you can choose topics that are relevant and engaging to them.
    • Focus on the benefits. What benefits does an LSP project manager identify? How can your LSP help your target audience achieve their goals? Be sure to highlight these benefits in your content.


Here are some content marketing ideas that highlight the expertise and successes of your LSP project managers:


Case study: “How we helped our client launch a new app in 10 languages”


Blog post: “5 tips for managing complex translation projects regarding medical devices”


Ebook: “The ultimate guide to game localization”


Webinar: “How to choose the right LSP for your legal translation and interpreting needs”


Video: “A day in the life of an LSP project manager for pharmaceutical industry clients”



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