Marketing and Sales Transformation

Want to run a successful translation company?


Structure and transform your marketing and sales activities!

Marketing and sales activities are interdependent and interconnected efforts that increase your brand awareness, convert potential customers into buying customers, and ensure customer satisfaction. Last but not least, marketing and sales play a major role in generating more revenue.

It is never too late to properly organize your marketing and sales, both traditional and digital.

What will you gain?

Better sales results

Most suitable tools to stay ahead of the competition

Defined marketing and sales objectives

Innovative and custom-made approaches

Result measurement and tracking (KPIs)

Focused segmentation of potential customers

Clear and precise targets

Structured, organized, and well-planned marketing and sales activities

Effective communication methods

Advice on most efficient promotional channels

Winning pricing strategies

Positive attitudes and beliefs about sales

Structured and organized marketing and sales team

Support and guidance for your marketing and sales team

Success oriented and motivated team members

Marketing and sales digitalization

The most appropriate CRM solution advice


Listening to your wishes and expectations and identifying problems to be solved

Signing an agreement with yourself, a non-disclosure agreement as well as service rendering agreement with us

Analyzing the current situation of marketing and sales, both traditional and digital

Identifying gaps and shortcomings in marketing and sales setup

Setting SMART goals aligned with expectations

Forecasting sales and setting KPIs

Preparing recommendations and strategic framework: areas for improvement, marketing mix, suggestions for innovation, competing through superior service and customer relationships

Delivering customized action plan

Regularly monitoring implementation, support, and feedback

In addition to the strategic part, we evaluate, design and write customized marketing materials for your website, social media profiles and posts.

We also create sales pitches for you and take care of everything from design, content development and detailed notes to boosting confidence in public appearances.

Continuous investments in marketing and sales bring about continuous improvement and growth.

So why wouldn’t you let us help you properly organize your marketing and sales?

Protecting the confidentiality and business interests of our clients is at the forefront of all our business interactions. With the trust that this creates, we establish fruitful and lasting relationships with our clients.