Business Model Re-adjustment

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Re-adjust your business model!

A business model showcases the value you offer to your customers. It is like a shop window of your company’s services or products, markets and environments that is visible to your customers, investors, and competitors.

A business model should not be mistaken for a business strategy, which is, on the other hand, your closely guarded secret.

Key partners
key partners
Key activities
key activities
Key resources
key resources
Value propositions
key propositions
Customer relationships
Customer relationships
Customer segments
Customer segments
Cost structure
Cost structure
Revenue streams
Revenue streams

According to Osterwalder and Pigneur


re-adjust your business model?

you want to ensure growth, profitability, and stability in the long run

your current business model is no longer effective

new business opportunities require new ways of doing business

your competitors are developing new processes that threaten to seize your market share

new entrants have introduced completely new methods of meeting current demands

HOW DO WE help you

re-adjust your business model?

Listening to your wishes and expectations and identifying problems to be solved

Signing an agreement with yourself, a non-disclosure agreement as well as service rendering agreement with us

Evaluating your current business model and strategy

Identifying your key customers

Identifying how you solve problems for your customers

Identifying how you reach your customers

Identifying how you establish and maintain relationships with your customers

Identifying how your customers pay for the services and products

Identifying key resources required for your services and products

Identifying key activities required for your operations

Identifying key partners and suppliers

Identifying the most important costs

Analyzing identified shortcomings

Suggesting solutions for change, improvement, extension, and exclusion

Monitoring implementation of solutions

A well-adjusted and regularly updated business model is absolutely invaluable, as it shows the value you offer to your valued customers.

So why wouldn’t you let us help you add more value to your business model?

Protecting the confidentiality and business interests of our clients is at the forefront of all our business interactions. With the trust that this creates, we establish fruitful and lasting relationships with our clients.