Coaching For Your Professional And Personal Growth

Want faster results in your company management, business development or career?


Engage our professional coaches for executives, middle managers and career development who really know how small and medium-sized companies breathe!

Coaching helps you realize your goals, interests, desires and ambitions much faster than you would on your own and solve your burning problems quite soon.

Essentially, coaching means guiding you from your current state to your desired state by removing anything that stands in your ways, such as blocks, fears, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, or lack of confidence.

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feel stuck, confused or helpless in their business

are in desperate need of a professional and personal change

want their workplace to be according to their preferences

and want to live their professional lives the way they design the life

There are many ways to fix this, and coaching is one of them and helps immensely and immediately.


Together with a coach, you design and execute a clear action plan for your transformation to strengthen your beliefs and personal philosophy. Of course, you will also improve your company’s bottom line. But even more important is the way you think and act, because that is the crucial thing for your growth and success.

Metaphorically speaking, coaching is like taking a cab ride when walking to your desired destination would take too much time and energy. Plus, your cab driver listens carefully and guides you to your destination.

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We offer:

because these are areas where we combine our best – knowledge, experience, and approach.


grow and progress faster than you ever thought possible

reach your goals faster

improve your professional skills for yourself and those around you

live a fulfilling professional and personal life

live with purpose

live fully in the present with a clear view of the future

have a healthy imbalance and growth-inspiring challenges

make sense to the people around you

feel inspired by your professional and personal change

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Coaching is conducted in one-on-one sessions. In the first session, you clarify your current situation, your worries and concerns, your desires, plans or goals, and what you expect from the coaching process. We will also determine how you will know that you have reached the point where you want to be.

At its core, coaching is a dialog. A coach asks you questions that are reflective, sometimes even provocative and humorous, but lead to important insights and actionable steps. Along the way, a coach also provides practical explanations of specific business and communication concepts, as well as straightforward and honest feedback.

During the session, the coach takes notes that are coded and confidential. You can also take your own small growth notebook.

A coaching session lasts one hour. A break of 7 to 10 days is recommended between sessions, as the coaching will work its magic between sessions.

For coaching to have its effect, a package of five sessions is highly recommended.

A coach can also assign you challenges or activities, such as remembering situations to think about, doing a little research, or writing a short report, etc.

A coach will also stay with you to support you along the way, monitor your results, and cheer you on while being your confidant and cheerleader .


Read the following statements and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how you feel right now. If your rating for all statements is higher than 5, you are ready for growth through coaching.

I am ready for a major change as well as professional and personal growth.

I am ready to challenge my beliefs, decisions, and understanding of how things are going right now.

I am ready to receive feedback without taking it personally.

I have enough strength to face up to myself the way I really am.

I am fully committed to my professional and personal development.

I am willing to be challenged and provoked.

I can talk openly about my professional and personal weaknesses.

I am willing to accept change and transformation.

I have goals, hopes and dreams in my professional and personal life.

I am ready and willing to engage in the coaching process.

I have the patience and perseverance to stay in the coaching process.

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Just the final check
if you:

want to achieve desired goals or changes

live in the present and look to the future

are restless and anxious because you want to feel good more often

are looking for challenges

have the strength to face everything in your own world

are fully capable of thinking, feeling and taking responsibility as an adult

accept changes and develop quickly

if you:

want to solve problems or symptoms without a time limit

live fully or partially in the past

deal with past events and traumas

desire security, balance, peace and serenity

have no strength to face the world and certain challenges

need a protector, someone to take care of you

are afraid of change and openness

are very vulnerable


It is very quick and simple.
Pick a date and time that suits you in our coaches’ calendars:

Certified professional coaches




The initial coaching session lasts 30 minutes and is free of charge.
After the initial session, we will send you a coaching agreement and payment instructions.

Available in English, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin.

Protecting the confidentiality and business interests of our clients is at the forefront of all our business interactions. With the trust that this creates, we establish fruitful and lasting relationships with our clients.