Translation Tenders Management

Want to prepare successful translation tenders?


Hire an experienced translation tender specialist!

Translation tenders are a great opportunity to win contracts that usually last up to five years and ensure a regular revenue stream. We help you with both public and private sector tenders.

Profecta BDI is your trusted partner for all things translation tenders.

Benefits of hiring

an experienced tender specialist:

advice on whether to bid or not to bid

avoiding mistakes that invalidate tenders

increased chances of winning when led by an experienced tender specialist

time saving for you, as tendering is a highly laborious process

cost savings, as you pay a tender specialist only when you need such services

resource saving, as your employees will focus only on their field of expertise

evaluation of your capabilities in terms of workflow, human and technological resources, quality management, and handling of unpredictable situations

valuable insights from an experienced tender specialist

monitoring of post-tendering activities

setting up of project and team when you win a tender

knowledge of the tendering process


Listening to your wishes and expectations and identifying problems to be solved

Signing an agreement with yourself, a non-disclosure agreement as well as a service rendering agreement with us

Analyzing the current situation, capabilities, and eligibility

Collecting the required supporting documentation of the tenderer

Preparing forms and descriptions of translation workflow, human and technological resources, quality management, and how you handle unpredictable situations

Choosing the right pricing model

Submitting the tender documentation

Follow-up activities and preparations for the possible next step in the tendering process such as negotiations or testing

If the tender is won, we deliver the entire project setup upon request

Regularly monitoring project execution, support, and feedback

Taking good advantage of our approach to translation tenders, you are well equipped to seize the opportunity to profit without considerable investments.

So why wouldn’t you let us help you win translation tenders?

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