ISO 17100 Compliance Securing

Want to run a successful translation company?


Get compliant with ISO 17100!

Compliance with ISO 17100 helps you significantly enhance your translation management environment: human, technical, and technological resources as well as pre-production, production, and post-production processes.

Profecta BDI helps you take full advantage of ISO 17100 compliance.

Benefits from our collaboration:

recommendations for setting up an ISO 17100 compliant environment

support with developing documentation for ISO 17100 certification

guidance and support for a smoother auditing process

time saving for you as establishing an ISO 17100 compliant environment is a time-consuming process

cost savings, as we will help you accelerate the entire process

resource saving, as your employees will focus only on their field of expertise

knowledge of the ISO 17100 compliance process

Benefits to becoming ISO 17100 certified:

ability to offer quality service due to a completely trackable system

opportunity to participate in tenders that require ISO 17100

possibility to acquire clients who work only with ISO 17100 certified suppliers

instant response if existing clients decide ISO 17100 is a prerequisite for further collaboration


Listening to your wishes and expectations and identifying problems to be solved

Signing an agreement with yourself, a non-disclosure agreement as well as a service rendering agreement with us

Analyzing the current situation of your translation management environment in detail

Identifying areas of non-compliance

Recommendations for improvement

Checking if recommendations have been properly implemented

Coordinating development of the ISO 17100 relevant documentation

Simulating the ISO 17100 audit and feedback

Follow-up activities and external audit support, if requested

ISO 17100 compliance builds a strong foundation for further business development.

So why wouldn’t you let us help you become ISO 17100 compliant?

Protecting the confidentiality and business interests of our clients is at the forefront of all our business interactions. With the trust that this creates, we establish fruitful and lasting relationships with our clients.