Why is marketing like dating?


ProfectaBDI | May 24, 2023

We see these and similar calls to action all over the digital world. But, are such calls to action always as effective as some claim?


Definitely not. Especially if you think of marketing like dating. Would you like someone to propose to you on the very first date?


For many people, command-like language can even be very off-putting because they like to make decisions based on their own criteria and generally don’t like being told what to do. In addition, it is crucial to get to know as many details about your perfect date as possible.


You don’t want to marry random people, do you?



Handle with care

Therefore, this type of call to action should be handled with care in a relevant context. It is useful in situations when you want to help your visitors do the next step without too much mental gymnastics. For instance, such calls to action can be used on your webpage so that people know how to buy your services instantly or register for an event.

By the way, not sure if you know that the average attention span of a user dropped from 10 to 8 seconds, well at least that is what Microsoft says.



Ask for a drink first

On the other hand, it’s not so appropriate to use direct calls to action in your social media posts or content marketing because you’re on a mission to share knowledge, insights, fun, and build relationships.


So, you can invite your followers for a drink by saying something like “Learn more” or “Download the PDF.”


The point of marketing and sales efforts is to build long-term relationships, not one-time adventures. That’s why it’s wise to keep that in mind when preparing your best photos (which aren’t too filtered and only show certain angles where no one can see your double chin or wrinkles).


There are people who will like it right away and you’ll be happy about a transaction, but the thing is that people with such an attitude will quickly change their minds if someone else catches their attention.



Repeat your party speech

Furthermore, it’s important to be persistent and regurgitate certain elements of your deal like a parrot, because there are people who need to hear or see something at least three times to be convinced. Just ask yourself how many times you need to see or hear something to get something done. That’s why it might be a good idea to prepare your party speech and repeat it because the potential love of your life might not notice you if you stay quiet.


Persistence is also important because there is a group that is turned on if you are around for quite some time. The longer you’re there, the better they feel and want to make contact.



Skeptics won’t buy your stories

To make the dating game even more interesting, there are always people who won’t believe a word you say, even if you prove it with your stats, photos on the beach, midnight confessions, or a live video call.


Skeptics will always remain skeptical and will never ever buy your stories. If they constitute a significant portion of your target group, you should come up with special measures for them. These situations require very individual approaches, but you need to be sure that you want to marry them in the first place.



Don’t brag about yourself

Besides, hardly anyone likes to listen to me, myself and I stories on their date. Therefore, it’s advisable to ask open questions and talk about the other person’s problems or ideas, desires and ambitions.


When talking about yourself, remember to focus on results, such as helping your neighbor take care of his lawn that looks just perfect now. And then you’ll figure out if there’s a matching potential.



Bring chocolate on the first date

Being considerate, generous, and kind on a date can take you a long way. So don’t forget to bring flowers or a box of chocolates, and generously share your knowledge and wisdom, which is very useful. It’ll do you good and the other person will see and feel your value. And don’t be afraid of sharing, because hardly anyone will be able to use your ideas and knowledge better than you.

And last but not least, don’t forget that you can have as many dates as you want and marry as many potential partners as you can serve. After all, this is just marketing.


If you want to discover other beauties and benefits of marketing for LSPs, feel free to check out our upcoming “Fortify your marketing” workshop. You will learn plenty of different tips and tools to get your perfect date. And you won’t have to bother with all the unnecessary dates who are not your destiny.