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ProfectaBDI | April 28, 2022

Shadow coaching for executives, managers, team leaders and business owners


The invisible as our enemy or best friend

We all often notice the invisible in companies and other organizations, which gives us a first impression of how they operate.

For example, when we enter a company’s premises or even communicate with employees by phone or email, or simply walk into a hotel, restaurant or bar, we get these vibes of the company culture and begin to shape our customer experience.

In the modern business world, this experience is critical in the red sea of competitors. It is one of the key differentiators that can set you apart and serve as the starting and ending point for your value chain.


After all, the value you deliver is all that matters. Yet, this aspect of business management often seems to be neglected, as we are often completely absorbed in our operations and simply fail to see how others perceive us, or even sometimes our ego prevents us from honestly seeing how others experience and interpret our reality.


Can we see ourselves objectively?

See objectively

We are often wiser to others than we are to ourselves. Try to see your company objectively as an outsider, or as someone who has approached you for the first time and needs your help. On the other hand, try to see your business as someone who has purchased your service or product, how they are treated, and how they feel after the sale. You’ll quickly find that it all boils down to your company culture, right?


Do not create a toxic environment

Toxic environment

A toxic environment is the most common reason people leave companies and customers turn away. Not even a higher salary or the many opportunities to learn and grow can keep them if the leaders are toxic or some other employees are poisoning the environment. Customers sense this, too, and may be dissatisfied even though your service has been impeccable.


Do you recognize yourself?

Can you also recognize situations where you come to your workplace and:


■  You feel that something is missing in your work atmosphere, but you know that you have done your best;


■  You know something is wrong in your organization, but you cannot quite figure it out;


■  You are excited about your strategic initiatives, goals or events, but no one on your team shares your passion;


■  You have good systems in place, but you still sense a certain apathy in your organization;


■  You may have pet projects that can negatively impact your business, but only you do not see it, everyone else around you knows it, and only you do not know it;


■  Sometimes you are not aware that your indecisiveness is upsetting your team members, but what’s worse, your customers might notice it too;


■  You are not sure if you have done well in meetings with your clients or your team.


Shadow coaching as one of the solutions

Shadow coach_1

There is a solution to such problems, and it is called shadow coaching. Shadow coaching is basically real-time coaching at your place, where a coach comes and observes your working methods and communication flow.


A shadow coach gives you valuable feedback on the spot.


A shadow coach helps you gain the most valuable insights that you would not have received from anyone else.


A shadow coach gives you an emotionally detached view of the situation and helps you see things from different perspectives and angles.


A shadow coach is there for you when you need a confidant, someone you can trust who knows something about business, who will be there for you and make sure you follow through with your plans.


A shadow coach can also prepare you for your presentations, important meetings or negotiations. You can practice together using role-plays or mock-ups.


Hire a shadow coach

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? So how do you get a shadow coach?

The process is quite simple:


1.  you contact us at Profecta BDI to see if we can work together

2.  we come to you or work online

3.  we discuss and solve problems on the spot


Benefits of shadow coaching


■  you’ll get valuable feedback on your processes from an outsider


■  you’ll get feedback on verbal and nonverbal communication


■  you’ll foster a company culture that attracts top talent and the clients you want


■  your identified strengths will be maximized


■  your areas for improvement will be identified


■  your time management will improve


■  your performance and that of your team will improve


■  you’ll get practical ideas without a lot of theory


■  you’ll learn a lot about yourself and best practices to get where you want to be


Why we believe we can help you


Your business and your success are in the best interest of your shadow coach, who will provide you with the value you need to be more valuable to your employees and customers. At Profecta BDI, we have years of experience in small and medium sized businesses, proper training, and we attended numerous business and communications courses.


But most of all, our clients trust us because we are straightforward, scrupulously honest, organized, and reliable strategic thinkers. We are fully committed to our clients.


It’s all about you

It is all about you

The entire process is completely transparent, secure and confidential. You will first receive information on how everything works and sign the non-disclosure agreement and contract for the provision of services. All notes and records of meetings and observations are encrypted and treated as trade secrets.


In addition to the findings and insights that lead to the best solutions for your improvements, you can also have various customized internal trainings based on the gaps and deficiencies identified by Profecta BDI or have a plan created for trainings that could help you the most and are offered by others.


You will be heard. Coaches are trained in active listening and supporting their clients. Your uniqueness is highlighted and put in the spotlight. Your efforts are recognized.


Your shadow coach is your accountability partner who is always there for you, your loyal supporter who generously gives their best and brings out the best in you.


With your shadow coach, you grow and, most importantly, learn how to grow and push boundaries. Developing your growth mindset is one of the main tasks of your shadow coach. Your limiting and negative beliefs that stand in the way of your success will be challenged and you will learn how to control your emotions.


You will learn how to be a better version of yourself to everyone around you. Your employees and customers will have something to learn from you, you may even become their role model. You will give something, even if you are not aware that you are giving.


The future depends on you

Company culture

Imagine your company in two years if you do not try this type of coaching and everything stays the same. What does your picture look like? How do you feel when you come to work? What do you hear from people around you?


And now imagine your company in two years when you have implemented the invaluable feedback. What will the company culture look like? How satisfied will you be with your workplace? How much will your employees enjoy working with you? To what extent will your results be better?


Let us work together to create a company culture that everyone enjoys. Let us create a company culture that produces the results you want.


If you want to take your business to the next level by mastering and implementing communication skills as well, book a free introductory session with us to see how our business coaches can help you.